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Single End Tenoner

Single End Tenoner

Scarlett’s Single-End Tenoner shapes and sands/polishes edges in one pass of hardwood, MDF, and solid resin-based substrates.

double end tenoner

Double End Tenoners

Our double-end, multifunction machines can be designed to accommodate virtually any configuration.

End Matcher

End Matcher

Learn more about our end matcher machine for precise board trimming.

Cope machine

Cope Machine

Learn more about the unique cutting action of our cope machines and browse machines.

Shape and Sand Machine

Shape and Sand

Scarlett offers a range of shape and sand machines according to the production and quality requirements of the job. Learn more.

Circle T Lock Miter Machine

Lock Miter Circle T

Learn more about Lock Miter Circle T machines uniquely designed to produce an extremely precise and easy lock miter joint.

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