5 Axis C-Series

Are you looking for ultimate flexibility in cutting dense materials such as solid wood, advanced polymer plastics, composites, and non-ferrous metals? Look no further than the 5-Axis C-Series.

5 Axis CNC C Series

Product Overview

Product Overview

Built upon C.R. Onsrud’s legacy, fixed-bridge platform, this machine provides maximum versatility for today’s demanding applications. The twin-table configuration allows for greater throughput – through the use of pendulum-processing – while allowing the flexibility to accommodate larger parts with the tables locked together. Forget the hassle of aggregates and step into a machine that will propel your shop to a whole new level of productivity, and versatility.


  • 4-Pole, reversible, 24,000 RPM High Torque Spindle
  • HSK-63F Spindle Taper and Tool Holders, with 1 inch (25mm) collet capacity
  • Over 14 Inches of Z-Axis Clearance & 11 inches of Z-Axis stroke
  • Finite Element Analysis used Extensively in the Engineering Process
  • Thermal Heat Treated, Stress Relieved, & Normalized One-Piece Steel Machine Base
  • Cast-Iron Fixed Bridge & Cast-Iron Vertical Columns, Increases Weight, Mass, & Rigidity
  • Standard 12 Position, Aggregate Ready, Dynamic Automatic Rotary Tool Changer
  • Twin Tables Can Operate Locked Together or Independently for Pendulum Processing
  • Compact Design Saves Valuable Shop Floor Space
  • Intelligent Design Allows for Easy and Loading and Unloading
  • Efficient and Effective Integrated Dust Transition that Only Requires a 8 inch Dust Hose
  • C.R. Onsrud High-Flow Universal Vacuum Table System with Low Vacuum Sensing
  • Independently Controlled Vacuum Zones for Each Table
  • Comes Equipped with Choice of Flow Through or Dedicated Spoil Board
  • FANUC, OSAI, and B&R control options
  • 4-Port Ethernet Connection, USB, and Serial Connectivity, for Easy Network Integration
  • Full 3D capability with Helical Interpolation
  • And many more options or accessories available

Additional Product Info



FANUC Controller


Number of Axes 3/4 3/4 3/4
Table Size 96” X 60” 120” X 60” 144” X 60”
Z Clearance 14” 14” 14″
X-Axis Travel 60″ 60″ 60″
Y-Axis Travel 124” 156″ 164″
Z-Axis Travel 15.7” 15.7” 15.7”
Approx. Footprint 11’ X 14’ 11’ X 17’ 11’ X 17’
Machining Speed 3600 ipm 3600 ipm 3600 ipm
X & Y Rapid Traverse 4800 ipm 4800 ipm 4800 ipm
Standard Spindle 12HP 22,000 rpm 12HP 22,000 rpm 12HP 22,000 rpm
Tool Shank HSK 63F HSK 63F 3/4
Standard Tool Capacity 12 12 12
Standard Vacuum Zones 2 2 4

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