Giving back to the grand rapids community every chance we get

We've been proud to call Grand Rapids home for over 50 years, which is why we give back to local organizations helping keep this city awesome!

Grand Rapids

We've been proud to call Grand Rapids home for over 50 years, which is why we give back to local organizations helping keep this city awesome!

How We Give Back

MSU GRAN FONDO - Fight Against Skin Cancer

We are using two wheels and collective effort to make Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and West Michigan the nationwide leader in creating healthier, more vibrant communities. MSU Gran Fondo is the college’s mission in action – a big bike ride that inspires passion-fueled fundraising and breakthrough moments on the road and in the fight against skin cancer.

Our collaborative fundraising efforts will support scientists exploring new therapies aimed at increasing long term survival for skin cancer patients, and ultimately, better quality of life ahead.


Arts In Motion

Arts in Motion Studio West Michigan specializes in adaptive instruction in the creative arts for the physically, emotionally, or mentally challenged.

 The creative arts are an important means of self-expression and should be accessible to all individuals, without regard for physical or mental limitation. Our adaptive instruction focuses on the potential for personal expression, not on the rules of technique.  By using a variety of styles, music and props, students are able to outwardly express the beauty within.

Woodworking Machinery Industry Association (WMIA)

The mission of the Woodworking Machinery Industry Association (WMIA) is to establish a platform for its members to network and present the best global technology, services, and information to the North American marketplace.

WMIA Woodworking Machinery Association

WoodNexus community

WoodNexus Founding Sponsor (300 × 250 px)

WoodNexus is an online wood industry joint community for woodworking professionals.WoodNexus' goal is to create synergy in the woodworking industry, where all can learn from one another to elevate the wood industry.

Adaptive Ski Association of West Michigan (ASAWM) is a volunteer organization located in West Michigan, working to provide opportunities for people with a variety of challenges and disabilities to enjoy snow sports.


Our organization was established in the early 1980s as Cannonsburg Challenged Ski Association (CCSA) to offer individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate in winter activities. CCSA started with only ten students, one outrigger, a bamboo pole and one sit ski, and has now evolved over the years into a professionally trained organization with a full range of adaptive equipment, ready to serve a wide variety of needs. In 2022, our name was changed to Adaptive Ski Association of West Michigan (ASAWM).