Woodworking Machinery

Discover the Best Woodworking Machinery for Precision and Efficiency. Explore our wide selection of high-quality woodworking machinery designed to streamline your woodworking projects. From table saws to planers and routers, we offer top-notch equipment to help you achieve flawless craftsmanship. Enhance your productivity and unleash your creativity with our reliable and durable woodworking machinery. Shop now and transform your woodworking experience!”

Woodworking Machinery

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pro series CNC router

CNC Routers

CNC routers save time and provide maximum flexibility for your production needs. Get the highest performing machines in the industry.

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Browse our edgebanding series or have a look at our Special Edition Models.

moulder woodworking examples


Browse premium quality moulder machines used for longitudinal wood processing.

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optimizing gang rip saw

Gang Rip Saws

WEINIG rip saws are strong solutions to make your cutting even more profitable. Modern and efficient cutting is indispensable. Learn more.

various cuts of wood

Optimizing Chop Saws

Browse our optimizing chop saws, including push feed and through feed options.

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Contour edge bander

Contour Edgebander

Get a semi-automatic contour edgebander that offers truly amazing versatility, simple operation and requires a minimal footprint in your shop.

dust collection

Dust Collectors

A range of dust collectors are suitable for various types of dust such as wood waste, sawdust, chemical, mineral, combustible dust and more.

Material handling

Material Handling

Material handling equipment is used to increase output, control costs, and maximize productivity. Learn more.

Case clamp

Case Clamps

Get to know the Gannomat Case Clamps line which provides reinforced steel beams, adjustable pressing force from 300kg – 2200kg.

bore & dowel

Bore and Dowel

Learn more about our CNC drill and dowel inserting machines for fully automatic bore, glue and dowel insertion.


Finishing Systems

Finishing technologies and solutions for painting, decoration, and digital printing of countless materials and substrates.

Mitre door machine

Miter Door Machine

A full 3 Axis CNC machining center used for producing high-quality miter joints used in cabinet door manufacturing.

panel saw materials

Panel Saws

Browse our available wood machining panel saws.

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Panel pressed

Panel Pressing

Browse our hydraulic panel press systems for woodworking, automotive, aerospace, and composite markets.

saw stop

Saw Stop Table Saw

Prevent saw accidents with a safety system equipped to stop the blade within 5 milliseconds of detecting contact with skin.

tenoner result


Browse all tenoner machines to produce the perfect tenon for your wood project.

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Finish Brush Sander

Wood is a natural material that radiates warmth and comfort. It has been used for centuries in building…

widebelt sanders

Widebelt Sanders

Widebelt sanders when chosen correctly can be one the biggest time savers in a manufacturing shop.

wood dust

Wood Waste Grinders

It’s more than just wood! It is an invaluable, sustainable resource, which can be utilized down to the last splinter.

Profile Wrappers

Looking for a solution to streamline your wood profile wrapping process? Look no further than our state-of-the-art…

10 reasons your shop needs a CNC Router

Reading Time: 4 minutes 10 Reasons your shop needs a CNC Router The word “CNC” stands for Computer Numerical Control, but…

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