The M Series may be the smallest moving gantry CNC router in the C.R. Onsrud line-up, but don't be fooled into thinking it's any less of a workhorse than bigger machines in our product line. C.R. Onsrud incorporates the same detailed engineering, workmanship and quality of materials into every machine we manufacture – no matter how small or large. The M Series CNC router boasts rigid frame construction, highly responsive drive mechanisms, and many more of the top-end features you'd expect to find on our bigger models.

M series CNC Router

Product Overview

Product Overview

The M-Series CNC Machine was designed to be as robust and full-featured as the largest C.R. Onsrud CNC Machines, but small enough to accommodate a growing workspace. The M-Series CNC Machine was built with your growing business needs in mind, and is well-equipped to meet and exceed your demands.


Compact Design Saves Valuable Shop Floor Space
Just as capable as larger C.R. Onsrud CNC Machines, but packed into a smaller, more economical footprint.

Intelligent Design Allows for Easy and Unrestricted Access to All Sides of the Machine
Whether you’re setting up your next project or doing routine maintenance, our design helps you work efficiently around the machine.

4-Port Ethernet Connection, USB, and Serial Connectivity, for Easy Network Integration
Integrate off-site diagnostics and monitoring.

Full 3D capability with Helical Interpolation
The right cut every time.

Additional Product Info



Choose between Fanuc, Osai, and B&R controllers to find the one that fits your needs best.


Model 97M 121M 145M 3100M 4100M
Number of Axes 3 or 4 3 or 4 3 or 4 3 or 4 3 or 4
Table Size 97″ x 49″ 121″ x 61″ 145″ x 61″ 2.1m x 3.1m 2.1m x 4.1m
Z – Clearance 8.9″ 8.9″ 8.9″ 8.9″ 8.9″
X-Axis Travel 126″ 145″ 145″ 152″ 199″
Y-Axis Travel 65″ 78″ 78″ 99″ 99″
Footprint 15′ x 8.5′ 17′ x 9.5′ 19′ x 9.5′ 17′ x 11′ 21′ x 11′
Machining Speed 1400ipm 1400ipm 1400ipm 1400ipm 1400ipm
X & Y Rapid Traverse 2500ipm 2500ipm 2500ipm 2500ipm 2500ipm
Standard Spindle 12HP 24,000 rpm 12HP 24,000 rpm 12HP 24,000 rpm 12HP 24,000 rpm 12HP 24,000 rpm

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