Spindle Moulder

WEINIG Unimat series: 100% quality in planning and profiling at a fair price. Unimat stands for quality in tough day-to-day work. Whatever you are producing, the quality must always be right and profitability must be guaranteed. The Unimat series fulfills all these requirements from the Unimat 200 entry model to the Unimat 800 powerhouse.

Traditional Spindle Moulder

Product Overview

Product Overview

In the Unimat series from WEINIG, you are not only acquiring the latest technology, excellent user-friendliness and high productivity, you also benefit from a unique price-performance ratio.

The WEINIG Unimat series provides

  • Fine product grading
  • Highly user-friendly
  • High level of work safety
  • Sustainable machine concept
  • Very good price-performance ratio



High quality for a low budget

  • Outstanding surface quality
  • Rapid dimension and profile changes
  • High-level reproducibility
  • Accurate profile production
WEINIG Unimat 200 machine

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