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Cefla Finishing technologies and solutions for painting, decoration, and digital printing of countless materials and substrates. Finishing designs and manufactures surface enhancement equipment, both as tailored solutions and turnkey systems. Experience, expertise in countless industries, and a history of key innovations and breakthrough patents have contributed to the service we offer customers from sectors that range from furniture and building to automotive and aerospace.


Product Overview

Product Overview

We have a solution for all shapes and sizes, serving global brands looking for integrated finishing lines ensuring ultra-high productivity and consistent quality to the smallest outfit moving from manual coating to a stand-alone machine, as well as high-tech industrial digital printers.

As pioneers of the digitalization process embracing the advantages of Industry 4.0, we offer a targeted selection of service packs and software solutions. Our customers benefit from unique opportunities that will propel their business into the future, leveraging the latest innovations and the most extensive knowledge in the finishing industry.


Cefla Finishing is part of an international multi-business company with the mission of creating value over time, sustained by the principles of internationalization, digitalization, and servitization.

We work in different sectors, motivated by a desire to discover needs, explore solutions and deliver benefits to the consumers: Civil and Industrial Plant Engineering, Retail Design Solutions, Finishing Systems, Medical Equipment, and Lighting solutions with LED technology.

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Experience spanning 70 years has placed us at the forefront of the industry, acquiring expertise in sectors going from wood and its derivatives to glass, plastic, fiber cement, cork, leather, composite materials, and metal. Through process innovation, advanced technologies, and specialist software tools, we provide industries with an opportunity to evolve.



Cefla Finishing Systems



Elispray combines high-level productivity with superior matt or gloss finishing quality, perfect for cabinet doors. It fits 12 or 24 guns, enables a reduction in paint consumption and is equipped with an automatic cleaning system.


Elispray is suitable for painting at very high speed, without compromising on the coating quality, particularly in terms of efficiency. The guns movement on their elliptical trajectory is achieved through an electric motor, monitored by an encoder, for constant, accurate control of the guns. Elispray can accommodate up to 24 guns split into 2 different product supply circuits.


  • High/ultra-high speed processing
  • Lower paint consumption
  • Finishing quality equal to or superior to oscillating spray machines
  • Cleaning operations made easier and less frequent

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