Double Head Mitre Saws

ZIGMA-02 AP/550 is a fully automatic (CNC) heavy duty Ø 22” (550 mm) double head miter saw, which has been designed for straight or miter cuts of vinyl (PVC) and aluminum extrusions.


Product Overview

Product Overview

Zigma-02 AP-550 is a 22″ (550 mm) CNC double head miter saw. It has 5 main parts; tilted both to left and right side 550 mm (22”) saw blades, a pneumatic spray mist lubrication system, a 15” colored touch screen & Windows based computer operating system, a barcode printer, and 2 x 4HP 3,000 rpm motors.

Technical Features

  • Two-hand safety operation
  • Equipped with CNC control system for precise angle adjustment
  • Tilting range inwards 45° and outwards 22.5°
  • Hydro-pneumatic saw blade feed
  • Cutting accuracy +/- 0.1 mm
  • 2 x pneumatic profile supports
  • Windows based industrial PC and 15’’ LCD touch screen color monitor
  • Facility to transfer the cutting list at ‘mdb’+’xls’ format via USB and network
  • Remote connection via internet and providing technical support
  • Barcode printer & image print
  • Automatic slicing feature
  • Profile height measuring system (Optional)
  • The angle setting of the heads is ensured with servo control system
  • The accurate position setting of the moving head is ensured with servo control system


Standard Equipment

  • Equipped with saw blades 2 x 550mm
  • Roller conveyor and 2x pneumatic profile support
  • Pneumatic spray mist lubrication system
  • Barcode printer 4 x horizontal clamps
  • 2 x vertical clamps
  • Air gun

Optional Equipment

  • Machine length 5m and 6m
  • profile length stop for cutting short pieces
  • VCE 1570 heavy duty industrial type chip collector
  • Chip removal conveyor belt
  • Additional pneumatic profile support arm


Technical Features Imperial

2×4 HP 3-Phase 220/440V 60 Hz D=22″ d=1.18″ 3000 rpm 90-120 psi 1,6 CFM 49″x201″x74″ 3,160 lbs

Technical Features Metric

2×3 kW 400V 50Hz D= 550 mm d=30 mm 3000 rpm 6-8 Bar 64 l/min 125x511x188 cm 1,436 kg

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