Pre-Owned Dust Collectors for Sale

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We have a good inventory of pre-owned Dust Collectors for Sale with Special Pricing.

Nederman S1000 $10,900


10 HP material handling fan

400 mm (15-3/4″) diameter inlet

(24) 220 mm (8.66″) diameter x 1960 mm (77.1″) tall cloth filter bags that give 360 square feet filter media

Rated at 5,000 CFM

(3) 24 gallon plastic collection bags approx. 19″ dia. X 51″ tall

Overall assembled dimensions: 8’9″ x 4’2″ x 10’10” tall

Machine weight: 950 lbs

Shipping dimensions: 120″ x 52″ x 90″ Tall; 1,100 lbs. (NMFC 119910-01 Class 150)

BELFAB-100 $4,900

The heavy-duty BEL 100 series of dust collectors incorporate proven filtration systems and a newly designed “quiet” blower. These dust extraction solutions allow users to achieve maximum efficiency, dependability, and workshop safety.

Features and Advantages
heavy-duty 12-gauge construction
highly efficient TEFC motor (UL & CSA approved)
high capacity, extremely quiet 10hp hummer blower
top quality filtration and cleaning with “beane” filter bag system, 98.98% @ 0.5 micron
efficient low air-to-cloth ratio
smaller footprint to utilize shop floor
includes plastic bags for disposal, flame retardant tilt trucks are optional



2 Dust Collectors BELFAB JNBM-OP – $3,900 (each)  SOLD

The JNBM-OP model is an industrial small capacity dust collector system equipped with a 10 HP blower generating over 3500 CFM, available in single or three phases electrical connection.
This collector is designed to collect dust particles ranging from coarse to mixed sizes, generated by wood machines operating in intermittent or continuous fashions and producing moderate to heavy dust loads.
The JNBM-OP unit is generally recommended for applications involving one or two machines in a small shop environment or in larger facilities where there is a need for an industrial “stand-alone solution”.FEATURES
A choice of 3 dust disposal systems
Standard with 10 disposable bags
Steel Drums
Plastic Tilt trucks
Magnetic starter in 3Ø – 208/230/460/600 volts
Rapid assembly & installation
Compact configuration offering a small footprintBlower Motor (HP)7.5
Capacity CFM3500
Sound pressure (dB)87
In let diameter (in.)10

Donaldson Torit IRD 460 $9,997 -SOLD

The Donaldson Torit® IRD dust collector is designed to use a downflow air pattern and gravity to clean dust trapped on the inner surface of the filter bags and to force the dust into the disposal bags at the bottom of the collector. This unique design means that expensive compressed air is not needed in the operation of the IRD dust collector.

  • Complete dust collection package includes fan, fan motor, push-button fan starter, bag filters and clear plastic dust disposal bags
  • Fan provides high vacuum pressure with low operating sound levels for cleaner workplaces and lower sound levels
  • Down flow air pattern allows airflow and gravity to move filtered dust to collection receptacles for longer bag filter life and reduced pressure drop
  • Adjustable airflow baffles equalize dust dispersion to all collection receptacles, which minimizes emptying cycles
  • Cageless filters and tool-free filter replacement reduce maintenance time.
  • Filtered air returning to interior workspace reduces HVAC costs
  • Dura-Life™ “Twice the Life” bag filters provide longer bag life, which reduces maintenance costs and lowers pressure drop
  • Optional automatic shaker is available for better collector performance
  • Fans with higher static pressure are available for more demanding applications

    Rees cx 1530 $2,500 -SOLD

Many Applications REES Model CX Dust Collectors can be used on many types of equipment where dust is a problem. These units efficiently collect dust from operations such as wood, plastics, food products, rubber and paper.Quality Construction REES Dust Collectors are heavy duty, compact, and built to last. Heavy gauge steel and continuous welds are manufacturing standards. Efficient Operation The Model CX Dust Collector is designed to efficiently separate particles from dust laden air. Dust passes through the fan and into the collector modules. An air deflector in each module initiates the separating process. The heavier particles drop to the storage container and clean in-plant air is returned to the manufacturing area. Flexible Design Choose from three different CFM capacities to suit your particular application.REES Model CX Dust Collectors are 15 HP 4, 6 or 8 collector modules. For waste storage, this collector uses 55-gallon drums, plastic bags or cloth bags for more initial filter area. Easy Installation Each unit is shipped with collector modules, filter bags, assembled fan with v-belt drive, and miscellaneous parts for complete assembly. All components bolt together easily with hand tools. Simple Maintenance Maintenance involves a periodic shaking of the upper filter bags to knock dust particles from the inside wall and emptying of the storage drums or lower bags as required.

CX 1530-4 15 3 4 32.8 188 13” 11’5” 5’0” 10’9” 1225

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