Nederman Shaker System

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Enhanced Cleaning, Safer Maintenance, and Lower Costs

Nederman’s enclosureless, S-Series dust collector is now available with a shaker filter cleaning option that improves system performance and simplifies maintenance. The shaker mechanism cleans the filters more consistently and effectively than manual cleaning techniques resulting in greater machine suction, extended filter life and improved operational safety. The shaker kit is available for new equipment or field retrofits on existing equipment and is available with a manual, mechanical or automatic actuator. The shaker option is ideal for heavy loading applications including fine wood or sawdust, plastic or paper dust applications.

How does it work?

Real World Results

A recent study at a woodworking factory in Charlotte, NC, USA produced these findings after the installation of shaker option:

• Up to 40% reduction in filter pressure drop after filter cleaning.

• 8-10% increase in suction power improving dust capture.

• Consistent and effective cleaning results.

• Less operator attention and cleaner waste bag change-outs.

“The extended life of tooling due to improved suction was a major improvement for us.” Engineering Manager in Charlotte , NC, USA Atlantic Commercial Caseworks.

Hey, it’s Chris from Scarlett.

Today we’re here to talk about the Nederman S 1000 Shaker system. This is a brand new option offered from Nederman that I wanna tell you a little bit about. So, cleaning the bags, the filtration bags on our S 1000 is part of the normal operation. Today, most people have to, you know, grab a broomstick and we shake all the bags to, to shake that dust down, to make sure that our, our filtration bags are functioning properly. And it’s a bit of a process.

So Nederman has come out with this awesome, awesome retrofit option. It’s called a shaker. So right here is the shaker, and there are three options, options for the shaker.

There’s, a manual version, which literally you grab right? And we can manually shake it back and forth, which, which cleans all the bags at one time.

The second option is mechanical, which I’m gonna demonstrate for you right now. Which is a push button, right? You have to manually push the button, but then it automatically shakes all the bags at the same time.

And the third option is an automatic version, which is a PLC controller that’s connected to the starter. So when you stop the dust collector, it automatically goes through its cycle and shakes the bags every single time you turn.

Three different options from Nederman for the Shaker system to make sure that your S 1000 is filtering as best as it can. All right, we’ll do one more little, little, uh, demonstration here of the shaker. Have a little look.

now. This can be retrofitted on existing S 1000 dust collectors, or you can buy it new with a brand-new dust collector. Call us here at Scarlet. If you’d like a quote on either a new S 1000 or a retrofit yet, we’re happy to help you with either one. Give us a call here at Scarlet.


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