Weinig Powermat 700: the next generation of Moulders

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New Powermat 700: Entry into the next generation of Weinig moulders

The introduction of the Powermat series in 2004 revolutionized 4-sided machining. This was the first time that HSK spindles were used in this Weinig series. The compact, PowerLock tool system with low set-up times has been in worldwide use ever since. Now, in the Powermat 700, Weinig is launching the next Powermat generation. This machine, too, can be equipped with the proven PowerLock system. The design of the machine incorporated our decades of experience from all markets. As a result, the moulder impresses with a high degree of innovation. In addition, a number of components have been optimized that combine to create a significant leap forward. The outcome is an extremely user-friendly, high-performance machine.

Powermat 700 – the technical highlights
The Powermat 700 has approx. 15% higher performance than standard moulders providing 6,000 rpm. The spindle speed of 7,000 rpm in the standard model means higher feed speeds and, thus, greater productivity with the same high surface quality. A speed of 8,000 rpm is optionally available, either in conjunction with drilling tools or PowerLock tools. The maximum feed speed of the Powermat 700 is 40 m/min.

Operation and set-up
Besides the excellent performance data, the outstanding feature of the Powermat 700 is the new Comfort Set operating concept. Comfort Set makes the Powermat 700 the most user-friendly moulder on the market. The settings can be made manually without the use of tools. The optional machine space monitoring represents significant progress for Weinig. This enables the axes to be adjusted while the machine is running, producing drastically shorter set-up times with dimension and profile changes without the need for tool changes. It also increases work safety.

There is also optimal access to the machine’s interior and all settings are made from the front side of the machine. On the adjustable components, scales with measurements enable precise positioning of pressure and guide elements. These and numerous other details provide the basis for high-quality end products, error prevention and safety of the operator.

The Powermat 700 is also at the cutting edge when it comes to communication between man and machine. The smart touch function enables a wireless connection between controls and tablet. This way, the operator receives all setup-related information displayed wherever he is and whenever he needs it. During set-up, he receives graphic support on the display to avoid operating errors.  Photo and video functions facilitate additional operation and servicing.

Ergonomics and design
Large surfaces and clear edges give the Powermat 700 a modern, striking appearance in the unmistakable Weinig design. The large front panel combined with the LED lighting in the machine interior provides good visibility even when the hood is closed. The table has been raised to achieve better ergonomics for the operator.

Energy efficiency and safety
Maximum profitability is a question of energy consumption. The Powermat 700 particularly impresses here via optimization of chip extraction and the enlarged diameter of the extraction hoses. This means less extraction is required and hence less energy consumption. The good chip collection and removal also minimizes the risk of chip impact against the workpiece surface. Finishes and tool service lives also benefit significantly. The use of IE3 motors from the latest generation of motors increases the energy efficiency of the Powermat 700 compared with previous machines in this performance category.

Proven Weinig technology
The principle of only changing successful systems when there is a demonstrable effect has also been retained in the new Powermat. The machine has the Memory Plus machine control system, which ensures repetition precision when manufacturing from saved profiles. An additional option is the PowerCom control system, including collection of machine and operating data. On the tool side, the customer has at their disposal the PowerLock technology with its proven benefits of concentric accuracy and minimal set-up times.  The solid cast-iron stands ensure optimal smooth running of the machine. The Powermat 700 can be individually tailored to customer requirements with a range of options.
As a complete provider in solid wood processing, Weinig also offers a system for the moulder environment. Tools, grinders, tool measurement and automation help to exploit the full performance potential. The new Weinig System Plus allows all elements from profile drawing to set-up of the Powermat 700 to be networked perfectly as required.

Future-proof investment
The new Powermat series underlines Weinig’s status as technology leader in standard machines for planing and profiling. For workshops, the new Powermat 700 entry model ensures production in Weinig quality and with optimal profitability, regardless of the batch size. The balanced combination of proven technology and innovation enables all wood working professionals to gain the necessary edge over the competition to ensure long-term success in the market.

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