Atech Zigma 550 22″ Double Head Miter Saw (SOLD)



The Atech Zigma is a heavy-duty fully automatic double-head CNC miter saw equipped with 22″ (550 mm) carbide-tipped saw blade, and designed for straight and miter cut of aluminum, vinyl profiles and wood.


  • 2 x 3,0 kW Motor
  • 15” PC touch screen
  • With its servo motor the head angles and head movements can be positioned precisely
  • By servo motor angles between -22,5 and +45 can be positioned automatically.
  • Robust machine body
  • With a hydro-pneumatic cutting unit the speed of the blade can be adjusted precisely.
  • The saw blade stroke is adjustable from the top. That means, that you can limit how far the saw blade comes out.
  • Cuts greater than the stroke
  • Slicing, angle slicing, pieces of cutting profiles list and etc. are programmable.
  • Equipped with modem for remote access for online servicing and programming
  • 2 x Ø550 mm saw blades
  • 4 pcs. Horizontal clamps
  • Spray lubrication system
  • Conveyor on movable saw head
  • 4m total cut length
  • 2 pcs. profile rest system
  • Airgun

This machine is physically located at Scarlett Inc’s showroom in Grand Rapids, MI. Please call to arrange a visit. We are 3.5 minutes from the airport and would be happy to pick you up. Please note that the below description is from the original manufacturer’s spec.

For a more detailed description, please call James to discuss if this machine will fit your needs. 616.308.9800

SOLD but we have more in STOCK.

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