Mill Vision Software

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Mill Vision software is a  system that boost timber-manufacturing efficiency and profitability, as well as increases yields by cutting down on waste of timber.

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MillVision Pro extends conventional thinking as to what is possible in the manufacturing of wood component parts. Using manufacturing concepts from other industries and combining them with the best of solid wood processing has created tremendous opportunity for today’s manufacturers.

Benefits include the following:

Flexibility: MillVision Pro offers the flexibility to work with almost any design environment on the market. Compile your entire day’s cut lists, rip lists, moulder setups, and assembly information in minutes.

Transparency: The ability to see the status of your components allows you to make better decisions about how to orchestrate your manufacturing process.

Flow: MillVision tied into Weinig Group and industry partner machinery can create flow that is unprecedented in the solid wood working industry.

Paperless System: In many traditional manufacturing facilities, creating and tracking paperwork in the form of route sheets accounts for up to 30 – 50% of non value added activities in a given day. When linked with Weinig Group Machinery, you can access real time status updates of your orders in process. By replacing non value added activity with productive machine time, lead times shrink.


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