Plastic Dust Collection Bags

Shop our selection of plastic dust collection bags for your dust collector or dust collection system. These plastic dust bags are of high quality and built for industrial use – capable of handling even the most intense volumes. Our dust bags fit most dust collectors including popular models such as the Nederman S series dust collector.


Product Overview


Dust can make a mess of any project, marring surfaces, clogging machinery, and creating health hazards for your workers. It’s imperative for industrial sites, production areas, and workshops to have adequate filtration and dust collection equipment in place.

Unless you’re using the right accessories, however, those measures can go to waste. Make the most of your investments and keep your workspaces clean and clear of harmful particles by investing in high-quality dust collection bags.

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Compatible With All Major Dust Collection Brands

Scarlett Machinery carries several different sizes of dust collector bags that are compatible with the best brands of dust collectors on the market.

Our 33-inch by 52-inch bags are a perfect fit for Disa, Dantherm, and Nederman models with a 20-inch diameter opening. They’re also six millimeters thick, meaning small particles of wood, metal shavings or lots of dust won’t leave your workspace vulnerable.

We understand the volume of debris your larger machine will output, and we won’t risk a ripped bag or clogged machine by skimping on space.



Additional Product Info

New and Used Dust Collection Equipment

At Scarlett Machinery, heavy industrial gear is our focus. We know that dust collection is a central element to the processes our machines perform. That’s why it’s essential to invest in units capable of cleaning your indoor air, not only for the sake of your workers and your products but also for industry regulations.

Laws are different in every state, but it’s often the employer’s responsibility to keep indoor air free from irritating particles — such as an excess of sawdust or microscopic metal shavings.


PLASTIC DUST BAGS 38″ DIA X 72″ LONG – 6 MIL, 50 PER ROLL  $117.90 per roll

PLASTIC DUST BAGS 33″ DIA X 52″ LONG, – 6 MIL, 50 PER ROLL  $107.90 per roll



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