CEFLA LIVE June 2021

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As the largest North American live demonstration event dedicated to the finishing professional, CeflaLive Charlotte is an *in-person* event taking place June 9, 10, 11 and helps fabricators understand just how accessible automation technology is, with techniques relevant to our region. Vacuum technology in particular focuses on profile finishing – something not practiced in many other areas of the world.  Profiles such as base boards, crown molding, quarter round, and general millwork is an important component to any finished home. With the home construction in such high demand, it is critical to find ways to quickly, consistently and economically finish parts. Vacuum finishing minimizes VOC emissions while maximizing transfer efficiency (nearly 100%).

A compact, automated finishing system that coats, and dries up to four sides of a moulding profile in a single pass. Vacuum application using the CVR is ideal for water-based stains and priming applications. Acceptable substrates include wood and wood-based materials, fiber cement, metal and plastic up to 12″ in width. The sanding function is an optional add-on. CVS VACUUM UV FINISHING SYSTEM

A compact, automated finishing system that coats, and dries up to four sides of a moulding profile in a single pass. Meet the needs of any coating formulation to match color, sheen, abrasion, and chemical resistance. In addition, the process provides total control of the cure temperature, making it ideal for heat-sensitive substrates and/or applications. 100% solid UV coatings and solvent-free and cure through polymerization rather than evaporation. Acceptable substrates include wood and wood-based materials, fiber cement, metal, and plastic up to 12″ in width.  

As a new year filled with new opportunities, 2021 will serve as Cefla North America’s second edition of CeflaLive Charlotte. This will serve as the largest live demonstration event dedicated to finishing professionals in North America: a hyper-focused, in-person event offering access to the latest techniques, tools, and technologies available to the industry.

Located in our state-of-the-art Finishing LAB,CeflaLive Charlotte is an active, hands-on live demonstration event featuring almost 20 unique finishing technologies and application-based finishing processes. More than 15 exhibitors, representing industry-leading pump, gun, and coating suppliers, will have their equipment installed or utilized on every machine

Two new technologies will be installed and running live in the Charlotte LAB. 

A schedule of webinars will be streamed from Italy on technologies new for 2021.

As you can see below, June 9-11 is dedicated to in-person live demonstrations.

CeflaLive Charlotte Schedule


MONDAY            (9AM – 12PM)  Virtual Webinars

TUESDAY           (9AM – 12PM)  Virtual Webinars

WEDNESDAY      (9AM – 12PM)   Virtual Webinars
                        (12PM – 5PM)   Open House

THURSDAY         (9AM – 5PM)   Open House

FRIDAY              (9AM – 12PM)  Open House

By attending, you’ll have access to the latest technologies and machines, invaluable training, and meet with your network of Cefla representatives as well as other suppliers strategic to your business. Discover the latest trends, technologies available to the market. We’ll see you there!

CeflaLive Charlotte will have something for everyone to learn.

Registration is open now.

If you plan to attend, please register….


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