C.R. Onsrud’s Qube Series

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C.R. Onsrud’s Qube series

C.R. Onsrud’s Qube series of CNC machines offers a large, fully enclosed work envelope along with chip collection and five-axis machining capabilities. The series is suitable for nonferrous metal, composites, plastic and wood applications. It offers accurate and fast machining of components for the aerospace, automotive, and tool and die industries. The work envelop measures 5 × 12 ft. with a 41″ Z-axis clearance. A 12- to 15-hp spindle and a FANUC 31i control provide flexibility, containment and reliability.

c.r onsrud qube   

Basic specs are as follows:

  • 5×12 bed

  • 41″ Z

  • 12hp or 15hp 5x spindle – direct dirve

  • Fanuc 31i control

  • 6 position ATC

  • Air blast

  • fully enclosed

  • roof

  • auto doors

  • chip pans

  • vacuum table or tool plate


The QUBE from C.R. Onsrud was developed for companies seeking 5-axis high-speed trimming and machining of advanced materials used in the aerospace, automotive, defense, marine, and pattern shop industries. This enclosed solution gives users a large work volume for machining molds, prototypes, and complex composite or thermoformed plastic parts while containing debris and isolating the operator from the machining zone and airborne particles. The machine design allows for various methods of work holding such as mechanical hold down and vacuum. Accommodation for oversized parts is achieved via removable side panels.

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