C.R. Onsrud Event Invite – X-Series Extrusion CNC Machining Demo Day

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Want to learn how CNC machinery could improve your manufacturing?

C.R. Onsrud 5-Axis X Series for Cutting Aluminum Extrusions

Come visit C.R.Onsrud for the X-Series Extrusion Machining Demo Day – an opportunity to dive deep into the applications, options, opportunities, and efficiency that come with CNC Extrusion Machining.


Mark your calendars

The C.R. Onsrud X-Series Demo Day will take place at C.R. Onsrud’s Manufacturing Headquarters in Troutman, North Carolina, February 4th from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Lunch will be provided by C.R. Onsrud. Recommended hotel and airport information will be provided upon event registration. 


WHAT TO EXPECT: Live machining demos, in-depth options and applications overview, in-depth programming software seminar, C.R. Onsrud factory tours, lunch, Q&A sessions with engineers and sales representatives.

This event is in North Carolina and not at Scarlett Machinery, so please contact us if you have any questions.

The latest addition to the C.R. Onsrud lineup is the new 5-Axis X Series – a CNC machining center for heavy and complex linear profile extrusions in aluminum, plastic and other advanced materials. The X Series delivers five-sided machining capability, a large capacity saw-blade, and a fully programmable, servo adjustable clamping system (incorporating part separation and indexing). 

The chip management/collection system and a very efficient overall footprint complete the most versatile machining solution currently available in this class. The modular design allows for extended platform lengths to be configured according to facility/product needs, thus offering a viable solution for an array of finished parts production. C.R. Onsrud Service and Support provides the level of reliability demanded by the industry, thus the X Series by C.R. Onsrud is an innovative, effective answer to streamlining your manufacturing process. The future is now for Aluminum Extrusion Machining!

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