The Big M Manufacturing Convergence

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Manufacturers, this is our time. Breakthrough technologies and applications, rigorous customer demands, new industry and policy initiatives all offer unprecedented opportunities for forward thinking individuals. But finding ways to capitalize on these changes, to grow our individual enterprises and shape the future of manufacturing, has been elusive – until now.
THE BIG M is an extraordinary gathering of industry professionals, manufacturers and policymakers with the shared vision of applying our best thinking to our most complex manufacturing challenges. It’s not about starting a discussion – it’s about finding real-world solutions by harnessing the collective knowledge of manufacturers across industries. That’s why we need you, your boss, your colleagues and business partners to attend. What you’ll get is exclusive access to people and technology that are transforming manufacturing right now.
We need to invest in what we make. Everything about THE BIG M is about making connections and supporting that goal.

Register today at and use the promo code BG14GUEST  for Free Admission!  (a $75 value.)


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