Unveiling the Future of Precision: Join Us at the Aluminum Cutting Expo on November 30th, 2023!

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Unveiling the Future of Precision: Join Us at the Aluminum Cutting Expo on November 30th, 2023!

Are you ready to witness the future of precision engineering? Brace yourself for an event like no other!

Scarlett Machinery welcomes you to the Aluminum Cutting Expo, where innovation and excellence converge to shape the industry’s tomorrow.

DOOR PRIZES: Enter to Win a Brand New Aluminum Chop Saw! $2,950 Value

*Must attend the Aluminum Cutting Expo to enter the drawing.


Skat-06 P 16″ (400 mm) Heavy Duty Bench Top Miter Saw $2,950.

“Cutting-Edge Excellence Unveiled: The Aluminum Cutting Expo of 2023!”

Our headline isn’t just a promise; it’s an invitation to a world of endless possibilities. We’re setting the stage for something extraordinary, and you’re invited to be part of it.

“Precision Redefined, Innovation Rewritten!”

Prepare to redefine your standards of precision, as innovation takes center stage at the Aluminum Cutting Expo.

Imagine a world where every cut is as precise as your imagination. Picture the perfect blend of art and science, where aluminum is sculpted with surgical precision. Our exhibitors, Atech Machinery and C.R.Onsrud Machinery, are bringing this vision to life. Join us in celebrating their journey of innovation and craftsmanship.

At the Aluminum Cutting Expo, you’ll discover how these cutting-edge machines can revolutionize your production process. Say goodbye to imperfections and inefficiencies. Say hello to unparalleled accuracy, speed, and quality. See how Atech Machinery and C.R.Onsrud Machinery can solve your manufacturing challenges and elevate your output to new heights.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from industry leaders and experts who have already experienced the magic of Atech and C.R.Onsrud Machinery. Their testimonials speak volumes about the impact these machines can have on your business. Join the ranks of satisfied customers and become a part of our success story.

Ready to embrace precision like never before? Mark your calendar for November 30th, 2023, and secure your spot at the Aluminum Cutting Expo.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the future of your industry in action.

Remember, your future is shaped by the choices you make today. Choose precision. Choose innovation. Choose the Aluminum Cutting Expo.

Together, let’s cut through the ordinary and shape a future of extraordinary precision.

See you at Scarlett Machinery Headquarters on November 30th, 2023!

63-600 ONX Series – We will be running demo’s with this Tool! 

LMT Onsrud expands its popular series for aluminum sheets. The 63-600 ONX Series is an enhanced version of the

current O flute design, with the addition of the ONX coating. The ONX coating extends tool life over uncoated tools.

Features and Benefits

Upcut flute design for optimal feed rates.

Polished flute for easy chip evacuation.

ONX coating formulated for longer tool life in aluminum sheet.





Aluminum Sheet




Skat-06 M 16″ (400 mm) Heavy Duty Manual Miter Saw with Base and Pneumatic Clamps

16″ (400 mm) Heavy Duty Manual Miter Saw with Base and
Pneumatic Clamps
Gas spring system
Stopping system, shock-absorbing mechanism for easy & quick
release of the saw head after the cut
Cutting at standard angles and any intermediate angles
Custom designed fork+turntable connection system, which
ensures set square accuracy


Tucana-06 M Manual End Milling Machine, w/ Base and Pneumatic Clamps

Tucana-06 P end milling machine with base.
Twin pneumatic clamps
1.2 HP 1-Phase 220V
Custom cutter stacks available as optional equipment.


Tucana-06 A Automatic End Milling Machine

1.1 kW 3-phase motor
Quick cutter change spindle
Hydro-pneumatic feed enables to adjust the speed of the cutters

depending on profile type
The cutter stack spindle returns to the starting point automatically Profile stop system is adjustable for 4 different profiles


Libra-06 M Manual Copy Router with Base and Pneumatic Clamps

Libra-06 M is a manual copy router machine.

Pneumatic twin horizontal clamps, router bit, profile support bars, copy template and air gun included

Spray mist lubrication system included


Libra-06 Pro 4 Axis CNC Copy Router

4 axis fast and precise router machine.

Its platform turning range is +90° to -180° and can rout 4 surfaces of aluminum and PVC profiles in a single process.


Crater-06 A/450 Heavy Duty 18″ Automatic Upcut Miter Saw 240V

Crater-06 A is a heavy duty automatic upcut miter saw 18′′ (450 mm) carbide blade.
Pneumatic twin horizontal & vertical clamps and air guns Pneumatic spray mist lubrication systems

240V (also available 480V)


Crater-06 A/550 Heavy Duty Automatic 22″ Upcut Miter Saw 220V WYE

Heavy duty up-cut miter saw designed for straight and miter cuts of PVC (vinyl), aluminum extrusions and wood. Equipped with a high-quality carbide tipped 550 mm (22”) saw blade. Pneumatic spray mist lubrication system, air gun Pneumatic safety top guard with LED lighting 480V


Crater-06 A/760 Heavy Duty 30″ Automatic Upcut Miter Saw 480V

Heavy duty 30′′ (760 mm) automatic up-cut miter saw.

Hydro-pneumatic high quality carbide tipped 760 mm (30”) saw blade.

Powerful enough to cut solid aluminum.
Equipped with twin vertical & horizontal pneumatic clamps. Pneumatic spray mist lubrication system, air gun and pneumatic

safety top guard with LED lighting. 480V 3ph




Ideal for high-volume slicing of aluminum profiles for window manufacturing

Feeding distance per cycle ( 5 – 600 mm). No limit for max. dimension.

Minimum cutting length : 5 mm and unlimited for the maximum cutting length

Pneumatic spray mist lubrication system


Zigma-06 FA 22″ CNC Double Head Miter Saw

Zigma-06 FA is a heavy duty full automatic double head CNC miter saw equipped with 22′′ (550 mm) carbide tipped saw blade

Designed for straight and miter cut of aluminum, vinyl profiles and wood.

15” PC touch screen

Servo motor head angles and head movements can be positioned precisely


ASP 10′ Automated Stop & Positioner

The ASP is an automated stop and positioning system.
Ten foot (3000 mm) conveyor length
Equipped with a control panel for automatic positioning.
Touch screen operator panel for cut list creation.
Carrying capacity 20 lb/m (9 kg/m). Minimum cutting length 5mm.


iVision VCE 1570

Industrial Chip Collector for heavy dust or collection of steel, aluminum and or any metal chips, including plastics, fiberglass, PVC.


Blade Saw Aluminum Cutting Fluid

Atech Blade Sauce

Atech saw blade coolant Aluminum cutting fluid
One Gallon
Pre-mixed to Atech specifications




2008 C.R. ONSRUD 146C18


 C.R. ONSRUD X-Series

Remember, your future is shaped by the choices you make today. Choose precision. Choose innovation. Choose the Aluminum Cutting Expo.

Contact Scarlett with any questions about the Expo at 616-871-9889 or sales@scarlettinc.com


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