Paul Pelon IV

Master of Tooling


Paul has extensive experience with inside sales and customer relations. He has spent the better part of the last 20 years working in the areas of inside sales and distribution.


  • BA from Western Michigan University

The Fun Stuff

Paul is a passionate individual with a deep love for music, vinyl, baseball, and family adventures. An avid fan of the legendary band Phish, Paul finds solace and joy in the intricate melodies and improvisational jams that characterize their music. Beyond the realm of music, Paul is a dedicated vinyl collector, always on the lookout for rare gems and timeless classics to add to his ever-growing collection. However, Paul’s interests extend beyond the turntable; he is an enthusiastic traveler, finding immense joy in exploring new destinations with his family. Whether it’s discovering hidden record shops in vibrant cities or enjoying the natural wonders of different landscapes, a new baseball park, or camping with his wife Karyn and son’s Arthur and Oliver, Paul values the shared experiences that come with each journey.