Used C.R.Onsrud 121M12A CNC Router

C.R.Onsrud 121M12A


Used C.R.Onsrud 121M12A CNC Router


-5’ x10’ – Flow-Through Spoil Board – LDF table top to be used as replaceable sacrificial spoil board.

-9-inches of Z stroke – 9” under bridge clearance & 11” Z axis stroke from spindle nose in retracted position to table

-FANUC 0i Handheld Machine Controller System

-12 HP Spindle – 4-Pole, 9Kw, 12HP, HSK-63F – 24,000 RPM fully programmable, variable speed, reversible, HSK 63F tool interface, quick-change cartridge style spindle; capable of routing & drilling, with programmable feed rates with override capability.

-Automated Nested Sheet Offload System with Integrated Dust Extraction – System removes finished parts, scrap, and all dust and debris from the machining area in under 25 seconds & adds the “-A” Designation to the model # of the machine. Includes Material Removal Scraper-Arm system with Integrated 6” Dust Extraction Hood (recommended 4000 cfm). Material Removal Scraper-Arm uses the same dust collection that is provided to the main router spindle. Pneumatically controlled table side-guides rise to assure that your already machined parts & scrap transition smoothly to an offload table & then aid in the positioning of the next sheet of material along with the included pneumatically controlled pop-up-positioning pin. This system accommodates up to a 5×10 sheet, limits the usable Z-clearance to around 2 inches on Mate Series, and eliminates the need for additional perimeter pop-up positioning pin

-Integrated Conveyor Out-Feed Table for Automated Nested Sheet Offload System – Integrated conveyor system conveniently delivers the finished parts to the operator at the end of the machine. An electric eye senses when the conveyor should run and bring the parts to the operator or stop and let the operator stack each part. The machine control signals the conveyor to start running when the Automated Nested Sheet Offload System goes to sweep and offload the parts from the machining table. Collision avoidance built into the control prevents the machine from pushing another sheet onto the conveyor offload table if another sheet is still on the conveyor table waiting to be stacked by the operator. A dust extraction grate is located at the table’s transition (with separate 8in transition – recommended 2000 cfm) which collects loose dust & debris as the sheet transitions from the machining area to the offload table. An additional dust extraction grate (with additional 8in dust hose port) collects any remaining debris at the end of the conveyor where the operator stacks the finished parts. Accommodates sheets up to 5ft x 10ft.

-10 Tool – Hide Away Rack Tool Changer – Allows the Entire Rack tool changer Assembly to retract beneath the tables surface & adds a retracting cover to help protect tooling from dust &/or debris. This upgrade also increases compatibility with material handling, loading, & offloading systems. Able to Store Aggregates. You may not be able to hold some larger or non-standard aggregate

-Air Conditioned Electronics Cabinets – Recommended for extreme environments & some non-temperature controlled workplaces. Option replaces the standard heat exchanger system.

-25HP Dekker V-Max Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Included


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