C.R.Onsrud Model 98HD18 CNC Router



2007 C.R. ONSRUD MODEL 98HD18 “Extreme Duty Series” CNC ROUTER  (61″X98” axis travel) – with: Oversized Extra Thick Cast-Iron Fixed Bridge & Oversized Extra  Thick Cast  

Iron Vertical Supports, Thermal Heat Treated, Stress Relieved, & Normalized One-Piece,  Steel Frame Base; Fixed Bridge, Twin Moving Table Design with 4000″ per minute machining  speed, full 3-D capability, 14 inches under bridge clearance & 11 inches of Z axis stroke, 10′  x 15′ footprint, precision ball-screw drives for ALL axes, precision linear guide ways,  centralized lubrication system, OSAI Series 10/510i controller, 4-Pole 18HP – 24,000 RPM  fully programmable & reversible, variable speed, quick-change spindle, with air blast,  capable of routing & drilling, programmable feed rates with override capability. Twin  aluminum tables – function as independent 61” x 49” tables. Each table has low vacuum  sensing safety shut-off with override capability. Twin Tables can also operate in tandem as a  single 61″ x 98″ table, with full table coverage. Includes all switches, valves, gauges, safety  interlocks, & Vacuum Plumbing necessary for either suck-through or dedicated spoil boards,  and is easily modified for the use of pod systems. All tables include pressure sensitive  safety-stop / emergency-stop bars along the front & rear, & machine is surrounded by a 360  degree emergency-stop cable.  


– HSK-63 Spindle Taper & Tool Changer Adapter  

– High Speed – High Production – Digital Brushless AC Servos Larger servos, drives, &  amps for faster feed rates, heavier cutting, & increased accuracy  

12 Tool – Dynamic Automatic Rotary Tool Changer – Fully Servo design eliminates  misfires & quickly changes between 12 different tools – Able to Store Aggregates.  –

Additional 12 Tool – Dynamic Automatic Rotary Tool Changer 

Aggregate Tool Changer 

– Pneumatic Controlled Vacuum Switches – (One for each table or zone). Controlled via  either touch screen or M-code on OSAI machines.  

Two (2) Additional vacuum zones – Total of 4 zones, 2 per table 

– Dust Transition Kit – (appropriately sized dust transition provided for connecting to  your dropped-in flex hose) 8” transition for router head only.  

– OSAI 10/510i Machine Controller System Integrated PC Interface – OSAI Numerical  Control with OSAI “Win-NBI” PC Interface, High-Res touch screen, network  capability, plus adds OSAI Digital Drives & Servos. Provided with 4-port network hub  (requires 460V out isolation transformer)

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