2011 Weinig Opticut S-90 Chop Saw with Material Handling System



2011 Weinig Opticut S-90 Chop Saw with Lateral Chain Infeed System (LCF)

Working dimensions: Width 1 5/8″ to 11 3/4″; thickness 5/8″ to 3 7/8″ and length 2′ 11 3/8″ to 20′ 8″ (6.3M)

Motor: 10 HP saw motor at 3,600 RPM with 500mm saw blade.

Pusher: Automatic pusher arm controlled by servo motor that travels the length of the board measuring: length, grade zones, and defects. Positioning accuracy to +/- 1 mm. Swivelling positioning pusher with photo eye for automatic length detection.

Software: OPTICOM DIRECT control system with 12″ color “touch” screen. Controls for: maximum yield, maximum value, quantity of pieces, diagnostics.

Sort line: Driven by a 2 hp motor with outfeed belt 10″ x 45′ with (2) mechanical kickers for sorting as inputted from the OPTICOM DIRECT.  Additional kickers could be added if needed.

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